Councils & Associations

A council is a board consisting of people who initiate and enforce rules and regulations about any work relating to that particular profession. It serves a guide for professions to notify them what they are and are not regulated to do.


The SACQSP have the following general powers among many more:
  • acquire, hire, maintain, let, sell or dispose of movable or immovable property for the effective performance and exercise its functions, duties or powers.
  • Decide the manner in which contracts can be entered into on behalf of the council
  • Perform any service within its competence if it requested by any persons or body of persons, including the state.
  • Determine the requirements with which voluntary association must comply to qualify for the recognition by the council.
  • Advise the Minister, any other Minister or the CBE (Council of Built Environment) on any matter related to the Quantity Surveying profession.
  • Encourage and itself undertake research into matters relating to Quantity Surveying profession
  • Take any steps it considers necessary for the protection of the public in their dealings with a registered persons, for the maintenance of integrity, and the enhancement of the status of the quantity surveying profession.
  • Take any steps it considers necessary for the improvement of the standards of services rendered by registered persons.
Take any measures it deems necessary for the proper performance and exercise of its functions, duties, powers or to achieve objectives of this act. 

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The SACPCMP performs a juristic (legal) person with the purpose to regulate the Construction and Project Management Professions. The councils exists to ensure that there is a constance of professionalism through an encouraging environment and facilitate:
  • Access for persons that are willing to be equipped with necessary skills
  • Ensure distinct education and training
  • Form partnerships with those with the same drive and goals
  • Promote research and development to improve practice, procedure persistently and customer satisfaction, monitor integrity, honesty and sustainable practice

SACPCMP consists of members that have been appointed by the Minister of Public Works and each council members has a duration of four years of office service. The council intends to have the following objections and goals:
  • Develop education standards and accreditation of tertiary institutions involved in training.
  • Identify clearly the scope of work.
  • Establish regulations and codes of conducts.
  • Investigate Improper conducts and provide legalised standards of disciplinary actions.  
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Associations are made up of a group of people with the appropriate knowledge and experience for a particular profession, usually a nonprofit organisation, who ensure that the practice of a particular profession is legitimate and to safeguard the public’s interest.


The ASAQS is a very popular association which does not only provide useful information for quantity surveyors but for construction managers and project managers.

ASAQS has been in existence since 1908 and the reason of establishment is for the following goals and objectives in which are still constant:
  • Advance and promote science and practice of quantity surveying and cognate matters
  • Sustain the dignity of the quantity surveying profession
  • Supervise, promote and protect the interest of its registered members
  • Afford opportunity for the interchange and recording of the body of knowledge and experience of quantity surveying 
  • Promote the high standards of professional competence and dignity

ASAQS also provides guidance and resources in a modernised form ,as quantity surveyors have broader responsibilities than before, to be informed with any future issues, technology and innovations. This information and initiation will allow professional quantity surveyors to be prepared or aware of common problems and changes experienced in the industry. 

ASAQS has maintained a relationship with international organisations, which will in turn allow each quantity surveyors to perform work abroad, such as:
  • Affiliation to the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC) 
  • Reciprocity agreement with Royal institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
  • Contacts with the Pacific Associations of Quantity Surveyors (PAQS) - includes countries such as Australia, New Zealand and China
  • Membership of the African Association of Quantity Surveyors (AAQS)
  • Reciprocity agreements with the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS)
  • ASAQS allows membership to Students and Professionals. 
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